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2012 Charleston Classic Basketball Tournament

There are many events that take place in Charleston, South Carolina throughout the year.  Now is the perfect time to go visit as the weather has cooled off.  The Palms Hotel is a great place to stay with a beautiful oceanfront view.  It is also easy to get to all of the best locations in the Charleston area from the hotel.  The 2012 Charleston classic basketball tournament is a popular event that takes place annually since 2008.  This is an invitational season opening tournament that will last 3 days in November.  There have been some of the best basketball teams who participate in this including some from Big East, ACC, Big 10 and many more.  The competition is extremely competitive and one that won’t want to be missed.

The event will take place on November 15th, 16th, and 18th this year at the home of College of  Charleston basketball, the TD Arena.  On the first day the opening matchups go as follows: Dayton vs. Colorado at 12:30pm, Baylor vs. Boston College at 3:00pm, St. John’s vs. Charleston at 5:00pm and Murray State vs. Auburn at 8:00pm.  A favorite of many is going to be seeing Dayton and Colorado in the first round as they could make it both to the dance in March.

There is no doubt that the Charleston Classic teams have some of the best talent.  Watch with family and friends are to how each of the players match up and which one will stand out the most.  There are a few key players that many will focus on.  The big position is point guards Pierre Jackson and Isaisah Canaan.  If you want to see a great basketball match up, be sure to come out for the weekend.  Call The Palms Hotel today to learn more about the event and to book your room for the weekend.