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The Palms Hotel



Barrier Island Eco Tours

The Palms Hotel is a beautiful property located on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina.  This property is also oceanfront with the most beautiful views of the beach.  It is a great location making it easy to get to all of the historic areas in Charleston.  No matter what time of year you are taking vacation there are always the best accommodations to meet all your needs.  There are many great Charleston attractions nearby including the Barrier Island Eco Tours.  This is a fun and exciting tour for the entire family to experience.

The Barrier Island Eco Tours gives you an experience unlike any other tour.  You will have the opportunity to be up close with some of the most amazing wildlife.  It is easy to plan your perfect trip as there are a number of packages that can be put together.  Here are some of the top packages we found in making it a memorable day.

Capers Wildlife Exploration

This tour will take all guests through Capers Island and give them the opportunity to explore wildlife living all within the salt marsh environment.  Throughout the day be prepared to see osprey, pelicans, bald eagles, herons, and bottlenose dolphins.  Once you arrive at the island guests will have time to explore the “Bone-yard Beach.”  This is a different experience and gives guests time to see shelling and bird watching.  This is a 3.5 hour guided tour that is offered on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Dolphin Discovery Sunset Cruise 

If you love dolphins then this is the tour for you.  The cruise is offered on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.  As the fall months roll around it makes for the perfect evening.  The 2.5 hour guided tour will get guests up close and personal with beautiful bottlenose dolphins and loggerhead sea turtles.  Have the chance to feed and play with the dolphins.  Learn all about their nature and habits in the salt marshes.  After the guided tour guests will have the chance to explore Capers Island, “Bone-yard Beach.”

If you are interested in more information about Barrier Island Eco Tours be sure to talk with an employee at The Palms Hotel.