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The Charleston Museum

Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to take a weekend getaway trip.  There are many attractions, entertainment and dining in the area.  The Palms Hotel located on the Isle of Palms is the perfect place to stay when taking a vacation.  Guests will get to enjoy the beautiful waterfront view, but also be extremely close to all of the top spots in the Charleston area.  The Palms Hotel also has fantastic amenities keeping all guests happy.  The Charleston Museum is a great place to visit and learn more about the area.  This will give visitors a view of all there is to know about the holy city.

The Charleston Museum was is the first museum to ever be founded in South Carolina.  This took place in 1759 and was actually first a British museum.  By 1773 the Charleston Library Society named it the first “American” Museum.  Today the museum is non profit organization that shows off everything about the area.  There are many exhibits to see and always new and exciting items coming in.  One area visitors will want to check out is the Low Country History Hall.  Imagine everything from the early natives all the way to the English colonists.  Visitors will get to observe and learn about how the area went from a tribal society to an agricultural empire.  Some of the exhibits include early trade ware, slave badges and rice cultivation tools.

Another exciting area of the museum is to learn about the natural history of Charleston.  This will take visitors back in time to where it all started in the lower country.  Some of the sights to see include birds, reptiles and mammals of South Carolina.  A fun and unique exhibit to look for are the mounted skeletons of certain animals including an 18-foot-long crocodile.  Check out other extinct animals as well including a variety of modern birds.

The Charleston Museum can be made into a fun and exciting day with the entire family.  Call The Palms Hotel today and book a reservation for a weekend long getaway to the area.